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In October 2009, I fell hook line and sinker for what was presented to me as a fabulous deal. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, here I am 2 years later and trying to cancel my contract and finding that this contract was misrepresented and had so many omissions to begin with some may consider it not even a valid contract.

I remember clearly asking the salesman several things, first I asked if this was a Time Share, I was told No. I also asked if this was a BBB acredited business, I was told yes. After much research I have found that not of those things are true. Not to mention that this whole started from a telemarketing call about a cruise I won.

My phone number has been on the DO NOT CALL registry since 2007. The relentless messages left by the "Sprint Incentives' caused me to call just to get these people to stop calling. I made an appointment to meet at their Downers Grove Location and cancelled my first appointment with several calls to reschedule. At the second appointment, it turned out to be a high pressured sales pitch where so many things are thrown at you that you really are spinning a bit and quite unclear of what they just told you.

None the less I signed, only after trying to contact them to cancel did I research this place. Unfrotunately this was 2 years later and due to financial difficulties. I have been counter offered to lower my packages and payments but have not been able to reach an amicable agreement with these people. I was last told today in an email that if I cancel, I will not recieve a refund?

I have paid to date $2194 to Tri State Financial (which is owned by the same people) and $450.53 to Travel Advantage. I am supposedc to just walk away form over $2500 and let them keep my money when I have never used their services? I am a little irked how they think this may be fair or that it should be acceptable. By all means if I used your service to begin with, maybe there would be some sort of money I would owe them.

I did attempt a few different times to try to book some weeks. You are told up front that there is a $99 booking fee and if you choose to go in "peak season" this would be $30 a day additional. What they fail to mention is that most of the time you are in "peak season" and the majority of the time the place you want to go is unavailable for the time you want. I have seen so many others with the same situation with this company or companies, since they are all the same.

I wonder how it is that they get away with this. I have worked customer serveice for almost 20 years, I know for a fact that contracts can be cancelled and full refunds can be given. I am wondering why they think I would be foolish to just give up that money? As a single parent and a soon to be student I surely do not have the means to throw money away like that.

Since I can't seem to get anywhere with this, I think the next step it to contact a consumer rights attorney. I have also been in contact with someone in the same near area as me and they have offered her the same cancellation agreement, I am sure we can get together when I speak to this attorney. Unfortunately she was taken for alot more than me. It's really sad when a company takes advantage of the unkowing and feels they can just take money from people.

My advise when you hear about these companies "Sundance Vacations, TAN Travel Advantage Network, Tri State Financial and Sprint Incentives" run as fast as you can... the contract is not at all what it seems

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Just wait until you do cancel. Not only will you receive NO refund, you will be subject to all kinds of unpleasant collection efforts. You will need an attorney and may even have to file bankruptcy!

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