I live in NJ, but my BF lives in Warrington so we went to the KOP office. Big mistake. The emotional and psychological pressure to buy, then and there, with no opportunity to review our needs and financing. That "free" cruise is a waste of time, see this link. http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/travel-discussion/983300/

If you read all the reviews about this company you'll realize that where there's smoke, there's fire!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Our advice, just say no to Sundance Vacations no matter what they offer you.


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Norwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1239387

I just got off the phone with them. I won a prize.

For some reason I could only claim the prize if I made over $50,000. Definitely sounds like a scam.

Newark, Delaware, United States #1184983

Thanks for the warning!

Was to go there tonight


This link is to the Ripoff Report which details 83 individual complaints. One of many thousands of similar complaints about Sundance Vacations. I think where there's smoke, there's fire.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1001536

This is the most bullshittingest vacation package I've ever seen in my life the BBB needs to shut y'all down and return the money to their original owners. Vacation spots never available y have them. *** SUNDANCE VACATIONS

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #996217

My sister in law won the cruise they offered, her and her bf went they had a great time. She did get suckered into the vacation plans but that's her fault.

I went didn't purchase anything or sign for the vacation plan. I got the travel plans and gifted them tona family member but they backed out. I agree, lots of pressure to give in and pay for the vacations, but if you keep saying no they still give you the cruise or vacation.

It sounds too good but family took the cruise and had a blast and I stuck to my guns and still was able to get the cruise. Family just didn't follow through with their gift

Seaford, New York, United States #965859

I have been scammed by these Sundance jerks as well. They told me I won a choice of Cancun, Jamaica or Puerto Rico. If your intresred in a class action suit email me at acerios914@gmail.com

to enough_is_enough #980131

Thats exactly what they just called me about!!


Sundance Vacations attempted to intimidate a web page founder with a forged and fake court Order! See the link below.



It's definitely a scam! Watch this consumer TV reporter, James Crummel's, expose!




I just wanted to say something in regards to the post here, your explaining everything very misleadingly. I work at Sundance vacations and to be honest many people are under the impression were a scam or that they get tricked into a timeshare and its not, we are REQUIRED to inform all those people picked to tell you that it " is NOT A PRIZE YOU HAVE WON" because the cruise isn't what your entry form had been put into the drawling for in the first place.

Many times its for $50,000 or a vehicle of some kind or gift cards etc.. the PROMOTION is the cruise and yes it is pur only method of advertising. We save money by not placing our info on billboards or radio stations and by doing so we use the money we save by investing into SAMPLE VACATIONS (hint hint that's why were called Sundance VACATIONS) however ALL CALLS are RECORDED for quality assurance so all these people complaining that they had spent one hour of there valueable time to get a cruise with no hidden fees other than your own gov't taxes for just listening to them and what they have to say. They never hold you down or force u to buy something or sign up for something and if you don't believe me , call Sundance Vacations and have them pull up your recording to listen too.

I will assure you WE ARE TELLING YOU ITS NOT A PRIZE YOU HAVE WON AND YOUR ONLY GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PER PERSON PORT CHARGES, TAXES AND SECURITY FEES . now from what I understand there very minimal aprox $189-225 MAX.if you are going to complain about the taxes let me remind you, we live in the united states, Everyone and everything is taxed so it shouldn't be nothing new... Cigarettes, milk, gas etc.. its all taxed.

The gov't charges a. Security tax to everyone leaving the US land weather or not its for a small amt of time . Just as if u buy a airline ticket

to Chicago, your going to pay a security tax...

Now let me ask all of you this, where the *** would you get a paid cruise vacation WITH ROUND TRIP AIRFARE for just letting one company advertise to you and try to entertain you for one hour with NO PURCHASES NEEDED OR REQUIRED

as we are demaned to clearly state to each and every qualifier. Its a sample of the stuff we do and that we hope to earn your future travel business , does it always happen??

No it doesn't but let me tell you what , our company treats each client and potential new client with absolute respect and tend to their needs during their vacation With us. You don't have to pay nothing .you filled the silly entry form out and got a call to recieve the PROMOTION GIFT and yes we can't say its a PRIZE you have WON and that's because that's not the item you entered to win and solely because your taxes aren't paid for plus you have to use your gas to drive there and give us one hour of time in exchange for the complementary cruise gift , no matter if you love us or hate us you still get the cruise, weather you buy something or not YOU STILL GET YOUR CRUISE . And believe me, I don't think anyone of us will tell you any false *** over the phone . Because : 1) our job depends on honesty and accuracy

2) our phones are monitored and recorded and believe me if we *** up we hear about it.

For example 3day suspension the termination on second offense so I can assure you WE aren't going to loose our jobs just for you so you can be told you "WON" something . That would be plain ***. The way I see it is a chance for you to experience a once in a lifetime offer from a company that is definitely reputable(BBB, inc 5000,etc) And for the people who don't listen to us when we call or are rude and ignorant to us , let me say we are all human okay. How would you like it if we called you day after day being rude or ignorant to you.

You wouldn't. And on that note you have no idea what kind of day or life our reps have they have we don't start off each conversation buy hey *** or waiting till you answer just to hang up right as you pick up . We are polite and try to offer you a chance to have a nice getaway of fun and happiness and a scam for everyones information is when you are lured into having to buy something or sign up and getting screwed out of either money or the item for the giveaway. We don't require any purcahase or sign ups to get the cruise .

But if you all want to think its FREE or that its something you've WON ... ITS NOT and we clearly state it on the phone fornthe recording to pick up on us saying it... If you interpret it any different then that's your problem . The pre recorded message we are REQUIRED to play after the end of each call even verifys for the second or third time that its NOT A PRIZE YOU HAVE WON .

So take it as you will but we are not dumb were not gonna *** up or just mislead you into saying it is something you've WON just so we can loose our job and you get the dam cruise. Honestly I could care less if anybody gets a *** cruise. You have no idea how sick it gets me to think there are so many ignorant and ungrateful *** people in this country to get a cruise on us and all you have to do is give us one hour of time plus you pay your taxes. THAT'S ALL.

*** I work for the place and I can't get any promotion they offer but if I didn't work there and could, I'd be all over that *** the minute they called. And its NOT always a cruise getaway a lot of times its Philly pirates tickets, six flag tickets, trips to Vegas etc.. the cruise is the most traveled vacation that most people take year after year during the summer so common sense says to offer something that a lot of people like.. then as the season's change and new entrys get collected , the new gifts will be in once we get the okay to release them out to the newly selected people.

We don't get *** at all so you all should be happy your getting what you are offered .

Before you critize make sure you fully understand that it is a business just like everyother they all need to make money and stay open but that isn't possible if we don't offer people discounts and deals on vacations and whatnot, bottom line is nothing in this world is for free but with this promotion stuff we do, you don't have to do much to recieve it. Goodday :) Sundance Vacations TSR.

to Crash #870187


Sundance Vacations, Inc."


to lookielou #1567824

Sundance does not fit the criteria to be with bbb. I believe based on size of the company overall.

to Crash #884451

I just got the call myself and since it sounded to good to be true jumped right onto the computer to see what other people have to say. The person I talked to name was Curtis G and he DEFINITELY told me I WON a Vacation Package valued around $1,500.

He also used words like "Once in a life time" people WIN prizes like that. And I had to come into the office with 2 valid forms of ID to claim the prize. He definitely didn't mention anything about trying to sell anything and assured me that we didn't need any credit card information. He also told me the prize was a marital possession and that's why my husband had to come in with me to claim the vouchers since I filled it out with both our names on it.

I don't need to listen to the recording to know what he said since I was writing down a lot of what he said.

One of the first things I learned in business class is, "If it sounds too good to be true.... Then it is!"

to Crash New York, New York, United States #891463

Your company left me a voice-mail saying I won a prize. So you my friend are a big liar. I wish I saved it.

to Mystery man #1609193

This is a straight up lie

to Crash Media, Pennsylvania, United States #1239250

I went. I got my gift.

If you don't want to buy, DON'T BUY!. They talked to us and we didn't want to buy, but we worked out something that I can just pack my family up for the taxes on the properties to places I like to take them that are local and clean. SOOOOO if you don't want to buy don't. If you can't afford it, then don't do it.

DUH! The trip was free outside of the taxes. The sales kid was a nice kid. They didn't force us.

They were funny and they were honest. IF you don't KNOW how to say know then you get what you get. But you can't blame them for a choice you made. They state clearly what they are, and what they are not.

They tell you what they do, and what they do not do. Be an informed consumer, not a scared consumer.

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