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I am a stay at home Mom with no income (still mind-boggling that they were able to get approval for me without any income). I got involved with this company at their King Of Prussia office after filling out a survey at a baseball game to win a free cruise. We (my fiance and I) went to the "1 hour" presentation, showing us a video of all these beautiful places to travel. We were there for 3 hours! All their information is thrown at you very quickly, it's hard to keep track of all the details. We felt very pressured to buy. We did say No initially. I really wasn't even thinking clearly towards the end of the pitch, I ending up signing a contract at almost 10:00 at night.

In the upcoming days, after reviewing the vacation places available (nothing like what was presented to us during the presentation - bait and switch?), I knew I had made a impulsive decision and was not going to be using the services Sundance Vacations offers. I have not used any vacation services with the company and I will not be using any of their services. I spoke with people from Sundance Vacations on the phone and they tell me to call Tri-State Financial, I call Tri-State Financial and they tell me to call Sundance Vacations. When I called Sundance Vacations/Tri-State Financial they told me I cannot cancel my contract and the only thing I could do is to lower the payments. I've sent numerous emails stating I want to cancel to at least 3 different people, I've sent a fax stating my desire to cancel and still they haven't cancelled.

I want nothing to do with this company at all. They have NOT refunded my fiance's down payment of $150.00 even though his name was not on the contract and continue to send me delinquency notices. I stated my desire to cancel before my first payment was due. After expressing my desire to cancel and being told I couldn't, I had a feeling like we ware being scammed, my fiance closed the bank account they took the down payment with and would have been taking payments (and we informed Sundance Vacations, Inc and Tri-State Financial that we stopped payments with the bank). Sundance Vacations did not explain at any point during the presentation or sale information that we would not be able to cancel.

I've given up dealing with them on the phone. I am in contact with the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General, as well. The initial research I did on this company should have been enough, but we thought we could say no and stick to our guns, but they simply would not stop the pressure until we gave in, they just wouldn't take no for an answer.

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Thank you for your review....It saved me a lot of upset & $.


That right of recission isn't legal at all


You signed bc you're weak! I didn't sign a thing and am still going on a free cruise...no one made you DO anything; the sales people did their job and you fell for it...I didn't allow them to pull me in; I came for the free cruise and that's what I'm getting

to Anonymous #1131308

You're an *** for calling someone you don't know weak! Everyone doesn't know their rights as a consumer.

They had 3 days to cancel but of course Sundance didn't tell them that. They came at me using the " we are much different than a timeshare" approach.

So it actually doesn't sound that bad if you have a timeshare you know that it's extremely difficult to book because properties usually go fast. So from their presentation they made it seem as though I would be guaranteed a spot.

to Anonymous #1154030

So did you actually get your free cruise?

Limeport, Pennsylvania, United States #991932

you signed it, stop whining!!!!


Read your contract lady... It says no right of recision... You signed it and so did I but I actually use it and it's amazing


Your situation sucks, but when it comes down to it, you are ultimately at fault. Signed contract and everything.

You can say no and walk out. It is your fault that you gave in...

it is their job to make you give in. I stuck to my guns, said no, told them that no matter the deal i will not be signing, and i walked out with my voucher...


These are the same bozos who keep slamming my fax machine every day with the same old tired ***, do they think I'm that ***? Epic fail!

They don't even bother to spell check, that's the first clue.

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