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Sundance Vacations, Inc. THEY LIED TO ME AND RIP ME OFF. NOW THEY WON'T GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania

I didn't want to buy in to begin with. The sales rep realized that he was going to have a hard time with me. Now my wife was hooked and that was the only reason why I was still there. My wife then mentions well you do want to go to Puerto Rico and like a genie out of the lamp the sales rep showed me pictures from his little binder of Puerto Rico. I asked him if could we go there and he said yes. So according to the sales rep sundance vacation had a rental spot in Puerto Rico. We bought in. We signed the dotted lines after an hour of being pressure to buy in. I should have went with my gut and stayed away. After we signed the dotted line the sales rep went from being super nice to stone cold. When we left there was only one other couple there. Well the next day I got their customary call and was wondering whether I should cancel then or not. I didn't try to cancel then but a few days after that I called them to cancel and they told me that I couldn't. I ask to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor told me that I couldn't. They lied twice. So my wife and I figured that we were idiots for buying in and chuck it up as a learning lesson. We were so disgusted that we figured that well we would pay them off and cancel. Keep in mind the only reason why I signed was to go to Puerto Rico. I figured that it would just be cheaper and we would have 6 weeks. We didn't touch the account at all. Everything that I just spoke about happened in 2010. I didn't know any better.

Ok fast forward to 2014. We decide earlier this year that we would like to go to Puerto Rico. I called sundance vacation and they tell me that they don't have a spot in Puertp Rico. I was baffled. The customer service rep actually said to me that all I needed to do was call back and ask for Puerto Rico and that if enough people called that they would consider getting a vacation spot there. I said ok and didn't think about the legal implications of this call. Fast forward to now and I come across boycott sundance vacation page. I find out that they lied to me yet again. You see I didn't know any better. They not only lied but they breached their contract from day one. By telling me that they had Puerto Rico they falsely claimed to have a service that they did not. I called to cancel yesterday and a rep from the final resolutions department tells me that I can't. She actually said told me that I was lying. She then asked where I got the number to call them from. I asked how was that relevant to me canceling my contract and getting a full refund. I kept asking for a supervisor and then I was told that unless I gave up the number I would not speak to a supervisor.

What type of professional company has their employees treat their clients in this manner. Finally the rep tells me that I cannot speak to a supervisor and then hangs up on me. I called back and she denied hanging up on me off course, nothing was resolved. I called again today 11/7/14 and I explain my situation again and was told that I could not get a refund but this time the rep said that I could cancel my contract and monthly fees, off course but I want my money. The rep from the final resolutions department then changed her tone when I started to mention the legal implications involved. I didn't mention any of this the day before. I then asked to talk to the person that could help but off course he wasn't available today. I will try again on Monday. If you are reading this please stay away from sundance vacations they are scam.

Miguel R

Product or Service Mentioned: Sundance Vacations Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wondering if you got to any kind of a resolution? My husband and I have been under contract for 3 years now & have 4 more to go.

We really want to cancel but aren't sure how. At this point, we are willing to swallow the loss if need be.

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