Hello, my husband and I had the same problem with sundance vacations. You are able to cancel your package, WE DID!

Tell them you are no longer working and cannot continue to pay for the package. You have to play hard with them, (Do not be vulnerable to them, be strict and some what aggressive)stick to your words and do not allow them to tell you anything differently. You can cancel your contract!!! If they try that no thing with you again, let them know you will talk to a lawyer about their company and this contract they are forcing you to keep.

Tell them you will notify your bank as well that no payments from Sundance Vacations are to be taken out of your account because you are canceling your contract with them because you cannot afford no longer. That should get them to cancel out that package/contract right then. When they cancel your contract, they will send you a letter that you will have to sign and send back within 14 days, and they will stop payment as of that day. This is what my husband and I had to do to get these people to cancel.

I would not allow them to over talk, or fast talk me about nothing while telling them to cancel this mess they had us in. Their are so many people that are in the same situation as all of us. I just wanted to pass on this info because we too could never use none of the properties for when we needed them. Enough was enough, if you no longer want to pay for something that you cannot use, why keep paying.

Don't put yourself in debt for a company that cannot do nothing for you. I hope this info helps.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How long had you been paying when you got out of this? I have been paying since 2014 and just want out. Haven't been able to book one vacation, as they are never available and what I have paid so far would have paid for several vacations.

to user12551586 #1613462

I just joined and I am noticing that as well!!

Alexandria, Virginia, United States #1276219

Its not worth it i went online a saw the "vacation deals" rooms look outdated and disgusting its seriously not worth it please please do your research before agreeing to anything I wish I did but now im trying to cancel SMH

Alexandria, Virginia, United States #1276217

I just called to cancel they surprisingly sent the cancellation 10 min later. I just signed the contract last week friday im going to harass them until i see my refund.

This company is TIMESHARE thats it! They try and sale you the lowest deal but its not worth it i found cheaper and nicer vacations on groupon and CheapCaribbean.com Do yourself a favor dont fall for the SCAMMMM!

to Because its a SCAM #1327208

How long did u have ur contract for before u ended up cancelling and what was ur reason. I'm trying to cancel my contract as well n had it since august

to Because its a SCAM #1517317

do you happen to know what number you called?


Why would anyone take legal "advice" from someone whose first suggestion was to lie?

I suppose the "types" that are drawn to these tacky vacation barns are the poor, the uneducated, cheapos.. they'll take your "advice" LOL

to Anonymous #1168053

Sounds like you might want to copy and paste your comment to Sundance as they misrepresent this so called vacation give-away...if I'm not mistaken misrepresenting something is the same thing as a LIE...they themselves put you in a position to lie because they want to take the so called poor and uneducated peoples hard working money...


Thank you so much for this info, I was able to cancel our contract by your advice. We lost out on the down payment but was able to cancel everything else. These people are a scam!!


Any dissatisfied consumers should contact the Boycott Sundance Vacations Facebook page. The Boycott page members consists of former employees attorneys, paralegals and many consumer advocates who are familiar with the consumer protection laws in each of the states where Sundance operates



I'm so happy that I did my research before attending a 5pm presentation today. They called yesterday and said I'd won a free cruise and that I needed to come collect my vouchers.

Only fees I had to pay was up to $225 said Jennifer. Me, being a skeptical person, googled the phrase, Sundance Vacations scam and saw this page. It was all I needed to see to change my mind. When Jennifer asked me if I made at least $50,000 a year, I knew it was bogus.

It horrifying that so many people got bamboozled by this company.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Faith from the Stevie Wonder concert in Pittsburgh, PA

to Anonymous #1099686

If they are selling "discounted" vacation packages, why are they looking for people who make $50,000 a year or more?

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