9 months ago my wife and I received a call telling us we won a cruise. Similar to everyone else here we attended one of their sales shows and were told they had property overseas. My wife and I are retired and we'd never had the opportunity to go overseas. We were excited. Seemed like a good deal. We were also told that we could get free airfare through GETS their exclusive travel agency.

2 months later we called to book our first vacation. The person we talked to informed us that they did not have any overseas property!!!! I was shocked. I figured maybe we could at least take advantage of GETS but was again told that I'd have to contact GETS, so I did. They wanted more for airfare than I could find online myself!?!

Now we were both livid. I called to try and cancel my membership because we had been lied to. They got very nasty with me and told me I couldn't cancel. They treated me like I was a deadbeat who didn't want to pay a bill. I kept calling. Finally I was told I could cancel if I signed an agreement that I would not talk to anyone about Sundance?!? Seriously? I refused to sign and just had my bank stop payment on our auto-deductions. Stay away from this company, do not make the same mistake we did.

I've since done some research on the internet and discovered many other people were duped the same way as my wife and I were.

But hey maybe I'll at least get put into a drawing for this "honest review." Or is that just another fraudulent claim by this despicable company? See the attached picture.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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If you found this page: please also see this other page on pissed consumer.com about Plan with TAN/sun vacation/etc.


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There is a Facebook page (Boycott Sundance Vacations) dedicated to this company. If the link is not direct, just copy & paste it into your browser.



My wife and I have attended several of these 'time share' scams. She HATES it, I love them.

They are always high-pressure tactics, designed to extract maximum cash out of unsuspecting marks.

It used to annoy me, but now that I'm retired I have some fun with it.

I always decline the first request to attend the meetings. But when they persist, and offer free dinners, free hotel stays etc, I may accept - if I have time.

I attend, listen carefuly for 2 to 3 hours, put on a smile, ask for the best deal, and let them believe I'm swallowing the whole thing. Then when they get insistent, drop the hammer and say I need to think about it. But you're not allowed to think...

that's when the super-nice supervisor comes out and offers us an even better deal (just for us, of course, just this once... haha..). After another song and dance, we decline and walk away.

The scammers have a fit and we wave goodbye.

Maybe if more people did that, they'd learn their lesson and be honest with people.

Best deal I ever got (walked away from) was: $14,000 for 1 week, reduced to $8,000 for 2 weeks time share. True story.


You need to be a little bit more careful. Remember, any offer that sounds to good to be true, that's because it usually is.

This was obviously a ***.

The next time you receive an offer for something like this, do some research first. You'll be saving yourself from having to hand over what sounds to me like your whole life savings.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #808647

They never told you they have over seas travel and they certainly never told you you could get free air fair , complete BS .... It is told to you several times where we are located so next time pay attention

to Anonymous #812408

How the *** do you know what some lying salesperson may have told an unwary consumer? :roll

to Anonymous #1120146

You are more likely the one who is full of it--- they showed us a map of all the properties they had in Europe and Australia - then when we were actually planning to go to one of them they didn't have anywhere on either continent. They only had a couple in our home state... and they were hard as heck to try and schedule...

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #661157

If their product is so good, why do they have to pay people to write positive reviews about it?

If their product is so good, why don't they give people the opportunity to think over their decision before they are asked to buy a multi-thousand dollar vacation package.

the fact that they tell you you HAVE to buy it THAT night is pressure in itself. If the product was so good, they'd gladly let people think it over and they'd have confidence that their product would sell itself.

to Ty #857768

Ty, that is THE ONLY educational comment all of the disgruntled customers need.

If you come across an offer that is ONLY valid if you sign up right now then and there, it is by design something that they do NOT want you to think over. If their entire business is built on these types of vacation packages, why would they not be glad for you to sign up a week later?


- never sign anything the same day.

- never sign anything without researching the topic on the internet

- never buy anything on credit unless it is a house or you are somebody who needs to build a credit history.

It does not matter whether it is a gorgeous woman standing at your doorstep, a persuasive guy on the phone, or someone who has attracted you into a marketing and sales session and seems the nicest, most convincing of chaps. If they are getting rude during the sales pitch, simply leave. If you go to any of these "almost free getaway" sessions, steel yourself with the resolve that you are not going to buy anthing. Say "I never buy anything without sleeping over it and reading really carefully, I appreciate your good arguments, but this is a principle I never, ever deviate from".

Btw Sundance will likely start with a 20,000$ package, if you resist go to a 15,000$ package (or offer that right away as the very special opportunity of this particular day), come down to a 5000$ package, and lastly, as you are collecting your cruise voucher (and 20$ Restaurant voucher in my case) the very last guy will offer you a one year only 1500$ package for a 370$ sign-up fee which can be perpetually extended for 99$ a year, plus 6x250$ vouchers so that you get the 1500 back (provided you go on 6 vacations with them). Ultimately, the more relevant reviews on the different web-pages seem to indicate that the main problem is availability of your desired location and time for vacation, so even if you were somebody with lots of vacation time on your hand and a very long term commitment to North America vacations, it seems like a bad deal.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #627480

is this same (new) company? old sundance travel now "Sun Vacation Getaways" cold call with free and reduced

fare offers?

to el Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #900903

No This company has been called Sundance Vacations and never did cold call sales. They always invite you to come to an office. If you vacation then it is a good deal and 80% of you that bash the company or timeshares are victims of not using your program.

to Anonymous #956450

Baloney! This company should be put out of business.

Scam artist with a capital S.


to Sweet Pea #1120151

I agree with Sweet Pea - we tried to use it, and actually had been successful in using a couple weeks here an there - it's great if they have an availability where you want to go when you want to go. Most of the time the properties are not available- one was so bad that they gave us another "free-week" vacation but that too is pretty useless.

People that have some sort of schedule and want to actually go to a particular place should not do this package.

If you have lots of free time and money then go for it - but buyer beware - it may cost you a lot more in fees and stress in the long run.

my 2 cents.

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