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do you really get the vacation

So I got a call they said I won a vacation 4 days 3 nights to Orlando or Vegas for 2 but then they upgraded it to 4 people. All I have to do I sit thru a 1 hr presentation for their vacation company..

Also pay the taxes.

My question is I have no interest in paying for their vacation packages so will I still get the vacation. I would sit thru it for one hr to get the vacation if we really get it.


Vacations True

I got the same phone call as everyone else, that I won a 2 person vacation to either Las Vegas or Orlando. All I have to do is go meet with them in Parsippany and bring my IDs and confirmation #.

I will get a tablet after the meeting and I have to pay $50-$80 in taxes and I will get the 3 day, 2 night vacation paid by them.

I have to go on the vacation with in one year. What I am trying to figure out is, do I really get the vacation for free or this going to be a waste of my time?


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