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I just recently went to one of these presentation things for filling out a survey and I really didn't care for it. Needless to say I ended up getting a folder with a certificate and an amazon fire tablet.

I spoke with my family about this as I was a nervous wreck feeling I got scammed and they assured me as long as I don't give them any money (I didn't) I'll be fine. Needless to say i want nothing to do with these people again and I will never ever give them my money.

I'm not falling for their little scheme like many other poor souls have. I only wish I could have the hours I spent at that presentation back and if I could return the certificate and tablet then I would do so.

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Well if you want you can send the tablet my way


Just wondering did they give the tablet after u said yes or no ???

to theresa #1370462

You receive a tablet just for showing up

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