As we all do, I entered a drawing for a free cruise, of course, they call.. Knowing the cruise was based on an appointment with the agency for their "60" minute "discussion". My husband and I go in and listen just for the cruise. Well their so called "no pressure to buy anything" line is a bunch of crock. They don't allow you to go home and discuss it in PRIVATE or even give you enough time to look over their materials.

Yes, I'm talking about Sundance aka Sunscam Vacations. Okay, the deal was too good, 10 paid vacations plus excess inventory AND hot weeks...these were vacation vacancies that they wanted to fill up so we had unlimited vacations at $350 for a week or use our paid ones at a sum over $500. Okay, we thought, we can let our family and friends use this as well, save them some money and well, get my bill paid sooner. Unfortunately, the deal we were told we were buying was NOT what we got. After leaving the office, I received the weekly email about excess inventory and hot weeks. I looked at the properties and was immediately disappointed. The rooms look outdated, the beds look uncomfortable and the rooms look small. I've stayed in hotels that were better looking. I've sent emails to them asking about the "properties" we were told we would be staying in but of course no answer, no reply. I'm upset to find out that in order to get the "better" rooms we will have to sign up for VIP which cost more, what? More money for what we should already have, seriously?

Now I'm in the process to undo my wrong by canceling this membership. So if anyone receives a call from Sundance, hang up. You don't get what you pay for. If you don't believe me, check out THE NUMEROUS COMPLAINT sites involving them. The cruise, well it's not worth it because its NOT FREE and depending on when you want to go, you probably could find a trip cheaper, I know I can and have gotten discount vacations for a family of 7, 7 day cruise for $2500.. A 7 day vacation home stay in Florida & Myrtle Beach for $300 each. So don't believe the hype this is a ripoff.

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Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States #1277507

How did you cancel your membership?


Thanks guys for sharing. I got called this Wed and an appt was immediately scheduled for the very next day Thursday as if we don't work or have something, so I push it back to the following week, but they rush me into going this saturday.

I knew something is fishy when they wanted both my wife and I to go and must bring IDs. This sounded exactly like DirectBuy, claiming to give you the best price on whatever you buy mostly furniture, appliance, remodeling, big ticket items, blah blah blah. And yes you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Anyway, did my research and found your stories.

Thank you. I won't be wasting my time going to their presentation tomorrow.

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