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Anybody interested in filing a class action against Sundance Vacations aka Travel Advantage Network aka Plan With Tan aka Dowd Marketing ? ............... After I filled out a contest entry card at a country fair, I was called and informed I won a free cruise! As soon as I showed up at the office to claim prize, I was escorted into a showroom where I and a dozen other people sat through a presentation. Next, I was escorted to another room where I was paired up with a salesperson and then came many, many offers of vacation packages.

After three hours, I signed up and forked over thousands of dollars, via my credit card. .................... During the following weeks, I researched and discovered there are over 100 reviews/complaints here, on Pissed.

The BBB has over 100 complaints

Ripoff Report has 90+ ... Hundreds of complaints.

Is this what you expect to discover soon AFTER signing a contract with any company? ..................

I can be reached via hanna_preserve at hotmail

Reason of review: hundreds of consumer complaints and additional costs convinced me to quit..

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Being pressured by salesman, Requests to terminate membership ignore denyed, No rights of recision, Misleading i was sucked in by the hype.

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Is there a lawsuit ? Kristensmith531@gmail.com


I am very interested! They have screwed over so many people (including me), they could care less how hard we work for our money. please contact me at Stefaniegriffing@yahoo.com


Hello I was also looking for others who were also interested in filing a class action suit. Please contact me at my email dil.ema1583@gmail.com


Because we have faith, in God, family, friends, and country, and in that most people are hardworking and honest Americans, the *** in our country have been able to take advantage of us for far too long. While we in our MAGA Movement ARE draining the swamp, we need the help of consumers whom are being disrespected, abused, and ripped off.

Vote Republican so we can supercharge Consumer Protection and jail criminal organizations. Educate yourself: magapill com


RE: Lindsay - Throughout Dowd Marketing's twenty-seven year existence it has expanded into several locations, under several names, and has somehow managed to have so many complaints against it by thousands of consumers filed with ripoff reports, pissed consumer, the BBB, and others. So, what are the chances that this person claiming to be an employee, is NOT lying?


Clearly, you didn’t listen to the person who called you. As someone who works at Sundance we never say it’s free because it isn’t. We say on the phone call about the taxes and travel fees.

to Lindsey #1579365

I just got the call today and she definately said FREE VACATION just pay taxes so don’t go around trying to cover your *** I have the voicemail to prove it. Obviously I’m not showing up to any presentation.


If this is happening please let me know as we have been scammed and been given the run around and was treated very poorly by their customer service.


I'd like to join in the class action lawsuit against Sundance Vacations. I received a call as well to winning a free trip to Orlando and a Kindle, then was kept hours under a high pressure sales pitch.

I trusted them and bought in. In exchange for not accepting the Kindle, I paid $5000 for 5 week vacations. I didn't take the free vacation, because IT WASN'T FREE. They offered me a free inventory vacation at Deep Creek and there was NO KITCHEN IN THE APARTMENT.

I found this out after I read about the property. During the high pressure sales pitch, representatives said every apartment had a kitchen. Among the many lies, the representatives assured me that if I searched a few months in advance I would get the destination of my choice. I joined this scam in January 2017 and I HAVE FOUND NOTHING OF MY CHOICE YET, searching 6 months in advance.....AND THERE ARE HIDDEN FEES!!!!!!!

One week anywhere is abhorrently expensive. I spoke with a solutions specialist to end my contract. She sent me some papers to sign, but ended my contract before I even returned signed papers!!!!!!!

I was livid and told her that was illegal so my membership was reactivated. There is no hope of reimbursement, but now I want my money back more than ever.


Did they end up refunding you the $2,000? When did you go there?

The same thing happened to me in January 2018. About 1 month later, I went on their site to see what places they had and noticed nothing was available for the time frame I could go on vacation.... I was upset because the salesman said there would be places available in May and that was the only reason I signed up! I work at a place where I can only go on vacation certain times of the year due to deadlines.

So then I read some bad reviews and it seemed people weren't getting reimbursed. So I called them very upset, to cancel the contract, and they tried to make me one more deal at a lower price. I said no because I need that $600 back for my trip!! They emailed me a cancellation form and after about 20 days...

I got reimbursed. Thankfully!!! It seems you have to book these places well in advance. So you ultimately, get nothing or a place you don't like.

I feel really bad for people that get screwed by them. It's not right. People want to leave a place, like they just made a good deal... not get the feeling that they were just taken advantage of!!

That's not good business! This is why they pressure people to sign before they leave. They don't want to give people time to think about it.... because they know they'll figure out it's a scam or a bad deal!

At least with time shares...you have a house for the same week out of the year. With this, they start their presentation by saying "we aren't selling time shares". No *** they aren't selling anything really... They are selling VERY EXPENSIVE vacation time.

I'm sorry, the last time I checked, time was FREE. That's like someone trying to sell air!! My co-worker did the same thing with another company, and said he spent $11,000 over the course of 5 years and never was able to take a trip and book a place. He tried to get out of it, but to no avail.

I asked him to show me what he has purchased?

He made a sad face and realized the scam. And knows he has NOTHING to show for his hard earned money!


You are an idiot.

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