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5/2018 almost 5 years and I have 3 more monthly payments to finish paying off a $5000.00 sundace loan for 10 1 week vacations. Every time I called for a place I wanted to go they either had nothing in the area or had a place hours away from the location I wanted.

I called multiple time for multiple vacations. To date ive had no vacations from them. I was miss lead to believe they had spots in all the places I requested. Niagra falls sure, three hours away but.

So a full tank of gas and 6 hours to get to and from the falls. Driving all day not my idear of fun so I opt out. The Caribbean, yes they have place there. Non in trinidad or tabago where we wanted to go.

After talking too the woman last month she told me they record all inquires but have NO records or recordings of any of my vacation request non? Covering there tracks I guess.

Gonna have my lawyer sue them for theb $5000.00 and after the first year they charge a $38 monthy fee? $1848

Best advice you'll ever get is don't even talk with them.

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