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Won a free vacation at Six Flags which we’ve also had an issue with canceling their membership. But anyways, we got a call for a free vacation, sat through a long seminar with this wannabe guru with this fake chipper personality.

The worst. We then get pressured for 2 hours to get a package. Each time we say no, they drop the rate. We finally say yes to a low rate so we can leave.

The place is bright and over flooded with people. It’s miserable. They assure us we can cancel anytime, which we did. We haven’t used this at all.

All they do is call talking about how we have a “delinquent account” and outstanding balance.. this place is a scam. No integrity to costumers.

The only reason they have half these sales is the low lives that WONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. We honestly should’ve just left!

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