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Getting out of your Monthly Maintenance Fees To those of you who have passed your Statute of Limitations to rescind the agreement with either Sundance Vacations, or Travel Advantage Network, you have an option to place those maintenance fees “on-hold”. This applies to everyone who either pre-paid for their weeks, or “Won” them in a “drawing”. All you need to do is call them, and have them place... Read more

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It starts with a phone call saying you won a cruise and you need to go to the office to listen to a seminater to get your prize. Then when are there it is a sales pitch where you are broken down and coerced to make a decision right then and there, pressured into buying a package. The cruise you win is a scam as well. This company is a total scam, they dont follow the laws and do not inform... Read more

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This whole scam is really quite hilarious and you can have a lot of fun with it if you want to. this is the third year in a row I received that "Congratulations, you've been chosen to receive a free gift" *** phone call. I fill one out at Piratefest every year just because I find it all quite amusing. As usual, that same call cam about a month later (you can get the same turn around at Pirate... Read more

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Hello, Me and my husband also experienced problems with this company. I called in after 2 days to let them know this was not something we wanted to go forward with. They refused to cancel and stated that they could lower the packages for us. After research and reading other reviews, I called the back just yesterday to request a cancellation of the package, give us a refund and they had no issue... Read more

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My husband and i went to sundances hour presentation. After about 40 min of talking and saying we did not wish to buy any packages we got our free trip. So its not completely free but it only cost one third of the true cost. We went to miami beach and it was a nice small vacation. Did not rip us off at all. Just know its only a three day trip bc of the flight times. Add comment

Total rip off!!! For the love of god, Stay away!! Add comment

Hello everyone, I would like to share my experiences with Sundance vacations in an attempt to cancel my "contract" and just simply get my money back. So I sent Sundance a notice of cancellation and my rationale behind it which included not informing me of my right to rescission within 3 days which is required to be afforded to me under the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer... Read more

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Hello, my husband and I had the same problem with sundance vacations. You are able to cancel your package, WE DID! Tell them you are no longer working and cannot continue to pay for the package. You have to play hard with them, (Do not be vulnerable to them, be strict and some what aggressive)stick to your words and do not allow them to tell you anything differently. You can cancel your... Read more

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If anyone is reading this, BE SURE TO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACT OR EVEN MEET WITH SUNDANCE VACATIONS! They have tried to gimmick me into their trap! If your anything like me and is a college student and is trying to make a future for yourself starting off with 0 debt, then do not make the mistake I did by signing a filthy, deceitful, pack of lies, unlawful, illegal contract with Sundance Vacations!... Read more

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Last year 2007 my two children John Rivera with his ex girlfriend and my daughter Mylene went to outlet mall in Illinois. My children sign up their name on a promo of Sundance Vacation for a raffle of free car. Few days after both of my children got a phone call from "Sundance Vacation ", inviting them to attend on their presentation, if they come and listen they give them a free airfare and... Read more

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