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I went to a WWE event that happened last month when i was ask to do a drawing for a "FREE" vacation. Got a call a few weeks later saying i won a trip. Went to their office and spent an hour of their orientation. Then they were given offers tha sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Said no but only the trip. Looked it over and found several "red flags" indicating that this is a SCAM. DON'T FALL FOR THIS. IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU IF YOU KNOW ITS TRUE. Read more

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So you get a phone call saying that you've won a free trip for two and that you MUST go to a presentation to pick up your tickets. Fine. You go to this presentation and its a video explaining how their timeshares work. After the presentation, you sit down with this sales person who is so nice to you and tries to make you feel as if you're their friend. I declined to purchase a time share. The sales person then calls her boss who then further... Read more

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I havent read all of the reviews; however, I have read enough of them to not go to the presentations this week. It did sounded too good to be true. I entered while I was at a trip to Six Flags. I believe they select you based on the income box that you select because they havent called my girlfriend and we filled out the form the same time and her income is lower than mine. I believe in my gut feelings which told me to google Sundance vacations... Read more

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Filled out a card to win a cruise, cash or a car at an airshow. I asked them what strings are attached, they said none so we entered. Got a call a few days later to meet with them about an hour away to discuss a "vacation travel club" and pick up a voucher for the cruise to Bermuda we won. We were still eligible for the cash or car they stated on the phone, no matter what. Set up an appointment but was skeptical. Wife said check them out... Read more

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My ex gf and I "won" a vacation when I signed up at a Flyers game a few years ago. They call you because you won like everybody else and try to use pressure sales tactics to buy time shares and what not. Just refuse and say you can't afford it no matter what and you get a vacation. You are probably responsible for port fees which are around $600 for two people but it beats paying for a full vacation! :) We won the 2 days and 3 nights vacation to... Read more

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I got a call telling me I won from an entry form I filled out at a basketball game. I was pretty sure what the "free" involved and googled the company to find out if it was legit. When I hit on this site it was like hitting a gold mine of negative reviews. Just as I suspected. High pressure sales pitch to buy packages and then you might win a trip that will cost you money. Wow. And then you can't get rid of them. Nothing is worth hearing a bunch... Read more

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I would like to say you are crazy for not answering and going!! It's def not a scam. My husband and I have 4 kids and for the price it's soooo worth it. If you like to travel but can't because it's too pricey then go to sun dance. We even got our gift to St Thomas round trip air fare and hotel for 2 and all we paid was $198 which was the taxes. You get 30 a year and if you can't use them all give it to family and friends as gifts ( they still... Read more

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After we decided to cancel our appointment with Sundance, they continued to call us on every number they had. I finally answered and said we were NOT interested, but they still persisted continuously until I had to raise my voice and ask her to to honor my wishes and she started yelling at me. Well.... If you ever where to meet me and yell at me after I tried to tell you nicely...lets just say Donald Trump is a kitten compared to me. Bug... Read more

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High pressured sales pitch from several representatives, was talked down upon by a "manager", treated very poorly, definitely would avoid Read more

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Attention sundance customers did you know yhat their current VP is a convicted sex offender and their former VP was arrested last year as a sex offender

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